Writer’s box

“Embroidered caskets of the 17th century were used to hold a variety of objects. Some were designed as writing cabinets to contain paper and inkwells, others held jewelry, brooches or perfume bottles. Some were used solely to keep needlework tools and threads. The actual style of the cabinets varied: early examples were simply rectangular boxes with plain lids. Later the caskets became more complex, including numerous sections and compartments; some featured doors that opened to reveal a set of drawers, often with secret compartments behind, to hide away treasures. Some of them also included mirrors or trays that lifted out to reveal a space for storing larger items. These complex caskets were fastened with locks and handles, and feet were also attached, The caskets were usually lined with silk.” (Heather Lewis)

This embroidered box is a custom-made writing cabinet that all together consists of 55 individually measured and manually cut pieces that later were covered with precisely fitted silk fabric. The front panel of the box lid is embroidered in metal using a Goldwork technique that’s based on the motifs of traditional Jacobean crewel work embroidery patterns. The embroidered top lid opens sideways and is attached to the main box by strong fabric hinges. The main compartment is used to store away the ink bottles, but it also has a false bottom for hiding away secret letters and some writing paper. When the top lid is opened it reveals a drawer for the pens and sealing wax equipment. The drawer can be pulled out on either side of the inner box.

Rakstnieka kaste ir individuāli izstrādāts pasūtījums, kuras pamatā ir 55 ar roku piegriezti, atsevišķi paneļi. Gandrīz katrs panelis ir savā izmērā un pēcāk apvilkts ar rūpīgi piegrieztu zīda audumu. Kastes vāka priekšējais panelis ir izšūts, pielietojot “goldwork” izšūšanas tehniku un izmantojot Jacobean crewel work dizaina motīvus. Izšūtais kastes vāks atveras sāņus – tas kastes pamata korpusam ir piestirpināts ar enģēm. Pamata korpuss paredzēts tintes pudelīšu glabāšanai, taču tam ir dubultā grīda – kastes slepenais nodalījums, kurā ievietot vēstuļpapīru un privātāka rakstura vēstules. Kad kastes vāks ir atvērtā veidā, tas skatam paver lādīti, kuru var izvilkt no abām kastes pusēm un tajā iespējams ievietot rakstāmpiederumus un zīmogvasku.

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