Materials – fabric and threads, mounted on a padded cardboard base. Take a look at this project as well to see three of my favourite techniques combined: boxmaking, goldwork and black & white portraits: https://baibarieber.com/portfolio/daguerreotype/ I can make a portrait for you or your loved ones as well. Get in touch using this contact form.

Materiāls – audums un diegi, polsterēta kartona pamatne. Ielūkojies arī šeit, lai redzētu portretu trīs tehniku izpildījumā: kastīšu izgatavošana, zeltizšuvums un melnbaltais portrets: https://baibarieber.com/portfolio/daguerreotype/ Ja vēlies, lai izgatavoju portretu arī tev, lūdzu, sazinies ar mani izmantojot šo kontaktformu:

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